Social Media & Marketing Assistant Intern


Related Majors:          Business, Marketing, Communications, Information Technology


Paid Position:             No


Working Hours/Total Hours in Work Week:       Approximately 20; M-F between 8-5


Minimum Training, Experience, & Qualifications:

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office.  Familiarity with Photoshop, Adobe, and/or other photo editing software.  Experience managing a Facebook Page (not personal account), Twitter, and Blog.  Excellent written and communication skills.  Previous experience in a professional office preferred.


Position Description:

This position will primarily be responsible for the development and implementation of social media and marketing campaigns within the Workforce Development division.  This includes, but is not limited to: Managing and updating current social media accounts; Creating and maintaining a division blog; Researching new social media sites.  Additional duties may include assistance in the development of newsletters, e-mail messages, flyers, and other materials.  The person in this position will work closely with the Vice President’s Office, Office of Communications, and TCC22 Office to develop and support the marketing efforts of the division.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Creating monthly schedule and content posts for division Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts
  • Actively engaging customers on social media outlets and responding to posts
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on statistics related to social media and marketing efforts
  • Overseeing and promoting contests
  • Meeting with division staff for updates on program areas
  • Developing a division blog and newsletter
  • Other projects as assigned


Position Closing Date: 


Expected Dates to Interview: 


Expected Hire Date: 


Dept. Contact:            Marissa Mainwood (