Web Development Internship

Salter>Mitchell – a national social marketing, advertising and public relations firm – is seeking a web developer for a paid internship with the potential prospect of full-time employment. (All our entry-level hires are made from our internship program).

This developer will work in an open source environment, concentrating on mostly on front-end webcode but knowledge of PHP and MySQL is required for extending popular web platforms such as WordPress.  Some examples of tasks would be slicing mockups into functional XHTML pages or writing custom widgets/plugins in PHP/MySQL. Good software practices and clean code are expected as we all work together and should be able to understand each other’s code.


– Know how to slice up graphics into XHTML/CSS properly

– Fluent in XHTML / CSS

– Knowledge of PHP (~2+ years)

– 1+ years of MySQL

– 1+ years experience with Object Oriented Programming


– Linux experience

– Familiarity with Javascript, specifically jQuery

– Knowledge of HTML5/CSS3

– Familiarity with the downfalls of Internet Explorer and ways to overcome them

– Familiarity with project management systems

– Knowledge of good SEO techniques in markup

– Experience with WordPress, Drupal or other Content Management Systems is a plus

– Knowledge of Subversion (SVN)

And one other job requirement from which no one is exempt: Each employee must be nice. Weird, we know. We’re like that.

To apply, please send a resume and links to samples of your work to the manager of the internship program, Jennifer Tran Pensy at jennifer.pensy@saltermitchell.com.

View our web site: http://www.SalterMitchell.com