Content Editor, Florida Dept of Corporations

The Florida Division of Corporations is looking for a part-time Content Editor.

Job Description:
• Position will be the bridge between the Division’s management and content team members and the Department’s marketing director, communications director, general counsel and technical staff.
• Position will be responsible for reviewing content from both a writer’s and a reader’s perspective.
• Position will ensure:
o 1.) the Division’s website adheres to established structural standards;
o 2.) all content is presented in a logical, grammatically correct, and coherent manner;
o 3.) the content is updated/corrected utilizing one uniform, concise and easy to understand writing style throughout; and
o 4.) all content is proofread before it is posted.
• Position will be responsible for four main parts of the editing process: 1.) structure editing; 2) content editing; 3.) style editing; and 4.) proofreading.
Structure Editing includes:
• Reorganizing content in a logical and coherent manner.
• Trimming, expanding and/or modifying content.
• Adding headings, lists, and tables as needed to make content web appropriate and easy to scan.

Content Editing includes:
• Utilizing correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.
• Maintaining/ensuring style and consistency throughout (i.e., the use of pronoun, tenses, American/British English, etc).
• Determining the needs of any reference, such as on-text hyperlinks or source description.
• Checking the relationship between title and content, modifying the title if necessary.
• Ensuring information is correct and meets applicable statutory filing procedures/requirements.

Style Editing:
• Ensuring the elements used on each page meet the Department’s standards.
• Adhering to Department of State’s established style and guidelines.
Proofreading includes:
• Rechecking the whole text (full reading, skimming, or scanning).
• Correcting any error that might be missed during editing.
• Updating content as needed.

Position Qualifications:
• Exceptional communication and organizational skills.
• Knowledge and experience writing for the web and using plain language to create effective web content.
• Ability to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
• Proven ability to build consensus and work effectively with cross-departmental team members.
• Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Technical Writing, or a related field.

Interview Questions:
• Tell us about yourself.
• Tell us about your qualifications and work experience.
• In your opinion, what makes a website “successful”?
• What are your salary requirements? Temporary OPS position 20 hours a week, 12-16 weeks, $15-20 per hour
• Are you familiar with or have you ever visited
• Looking at the attached copy of our online filing disclaimer statement, what changes or improvements would you recommend?
• Please rewrite the first three paragraphs of the attached disclaimer statement based on your knowledge of effective content editing.

• Temporary OPS Position for approximately 12-16 weeks.
• 20 hours per week.
• $15-20 per hour.
Send current resume and completed State of Florida Job Application to