Digital Projects Associate

Position: Digital Projects Associate at Sachs Media Group, Tallahassee, FL

Position Description: The Digital Projects Associate will work directly with the Manager of Digital Projects to discover, design, develop, and refine tools to help clients effectively communicate their core messages online. The Digital Projects Associate will use their technical skill-set to assist in the management and execution of a digital project from initial concept to full launch. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in the latest front-end web technologies, with a solid understanding of responsive web techniques. The ideal candidate should also have excellent written communication skills and the ability to train clients / internal staff on how to maintain new projects. A basic level of PHP/MySQL is required to interact with our preferred content management system, WordPress.


To apply, please send a resume, LinkedIn profile, and/or website to


Hours & Salary: part-time or full-time, based on on experience; salary is negotiable based on experience


Position Responsibilities:

1. User Experience Design Process

2. Site Maintenance

3. Content Management

4. Web Development

5. Quality Assurance Testing


Desired Position Skillset:

1. Advanced HTML

2. Advanced CSS

3. Medium Level Javascript / jQuery

4. Medium Level PHP / MySQL

5. Content Management Systems experience, especially using WordPress

6. Ability to work with different hosting services, web servers, and database management

7. Open-source front-end frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb,


A Huge Plus:

1. SCSS, using Sass or LESS

2. Comfortable with custom WordPress Theme development, using the Underscores boilerplate

3. Comfortable with SSH for file management, database backup, and database migration

4. Cross-functional (ability to work on server & client side)

5. Excellent written communication skills