Digital Collections Wikimedian-in-Residence @ The University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas seeks candidates for the following paid temporary hourly donor funded position:

Responsibilities : Work with University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives staff in the Digital Collections department on a Library Advisory Board grant-funded Wikidata pilot. Learn in a hands-on environment about Wikidata creation and editing, and Wikidata tools while contributing to a large-scale effort to expose underrepresented materials from UNLV Special Collections & Archives on the semantic web. This is a prime opportunity for a candidate interested in exploring the practical applications of linked data principles using Wikidata to gain valuable hands-on experience. By the end of the grant the incumbent will have learned new skills and have made active contributions by performing the following activities:

● Create, edit, and reconcile Wikidata records related to UNLV Special Collections materials

● Experiment and explore using Quick Statements to batch create Wikidata entities, labels, and properties

● Create new or reuse Cradle forms to use in the Cradle tool

● Research selected materials for creation of effective descriptive metadata and Wikidata references

● Help develop project workflows and documentation

● Identify potential Wikidata properties which may need to be proposed to further expose unique regional collections


For more details please visit;!!PhOWcWs!nSlyP-v01LTL4h1cTxbs3wU94W9LEbLblDoaGkeZ5-cVV5eWQeT6wWRXp5yn7rw0$