Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication Works to Support Colombian Farmers

CHMC Teams Up with Farmer-to-Farmer Colombia and Fundación SalvaTerra to Support Colombia’s Smallholder Farmers. 

Contact: Lauren Lootens, PR Coordinator

(850) 644-9698

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (October 20, 2020) – The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication (HMC) has announced a partnership with Farmer-to-Farmer Colombia and Fundación SalvaTerra to help support smallholder farmers in Colombia that are transitioning out of the informal economy, forming cooperatives to grow and taking advantage of economies of scale, while expanding their range of buyers.

Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) in Colombia works to support the development, application, and expansion of financial, commercial, and technical agricultural services for smallholder farmers to generate sustainable economic growth and job creation. F2F volunteers support producers, cooperatives, agribusiness, and more to develop their local capacity in an effort to position themselves as competitors in the market.

Field Officer of F2F in Colombia Gabriela Villamizar Diaz said, “We are honored to be working with the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication. We are sure the students are going to do an excellent job supporting ‘Fundación Salva Terra’ through the Farmer-to-Farmer Colombia project. The SalvaTerra foundation has focused on supporting vulnerable communities through sustainable agriculture, and I know that once they acquire the necessary marketing and communication skills, they will be able to better showcase their work on responsible farming, environmental protection, food security, and human rights. Their high social impact needs to be known, nationally and internationally.”

During the Fall 2020 semester students within the HMC program will be conducting independent research in order to help SalvaTerra understand their markets and how to most effectively reach them. Several groups of students will be developing marketing plans that emphasize SalvaTerra’ work on responsible farming, environmental protection, food security, and human rights. These plans will be presented to F2F and SalvaTerra in December for their feedback and implementation.

To learn more about Farmer-to-Farmer Colombia, please visit Additional information about our programs and student-led research can be found on our website at


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