Tyndall AFB (Panama City, FL) Needs a Librarian NOW

Tyndall AFB (Panama City Beach, FL) really needs a degreed (or almost, like this summer graduation….) librarian. My final-out date is 26 June, a week from today. Unfortunately, the library will temporarily suspend services for the summer if an ALA accredited Librarian isn’t in place soon.

Below is the previously sent job post:
The Tyndall Library is interested in a recent graduate or soon-to-be graduate available for the summer to assume circulation and customer service responsibilities of the Base Library. The position is part-time (20 hours per week/$18 per hour) and funded through 30 Sept 14. There is potential for this position evolving full-time with benefits 1 October 2014. The position will manage volunteers. A seat on the PLAN Board is also available for professional networking.

The ideal candidate is creative, flexible, and willing to learn through immersion, self-education and inquiry. This is a great starting place to gain entry-level librarian experience while having time to apply for full-time positions and enjoy the beach!

Graduates/Students may contact me directly with questions, resumes, and cover letters at tyndallafblibrary@gmail.com and Cc jacqueline.peery@us.af.mil until 26 June or yvette.spivey@us.af.mil starting 27 June.
Thanks again for your help fielding this inquiry!

Jacqueline Peery, MSIS, CHES
Professional Librarian
Certified Health Education Specialist