16 Garnet and Gold Inductees from CCI

Spring 2015 Garnet and Gold CCI FSU

Each semester, the College of Communication and Information (CCI) bids farewell to a group of graduates who will go on to change the world. Within that group, a select few are inducted into the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society.

Members of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society will demonstrate how they have developed their leadership, professional, citizenship and/or research skills while building collaborative relationships in the academic, local or global community. Students meet criteria in three of the five following areas: Leadership, Internship, Service, International and Research.

Students are guided by Overall Program advisors. For CCI, Dr. Steve McDowell, Ebe Randeree, Dr. Juliann Woods and Melanie Presnell serve as advisors.

From CCI, there were sixteen students inducted this semester:

  1. William Beachem (IT)
  2. Amanda Blomquist (MCS)
  3. Rachel Bryson (IT)
  4. Megan Debello (MCS)
  5. Melinda Donaldson (CSD)
  6. Carolina Gonzalez (MCS)
  7. Brittany Litchfield (ICT)
  8. Joshua Mesnik (ADV)
  9. Jessica Perrin (CSD)
  10. Matthew Prince (PR)
  11. Alexandra Saa (CSD)
  12. Sourina Sandara (MCS)
  13. Brooke Shafer (MCS)
  14. Rachel Smith (PR)
  15. Ashley Whiting (PR)
  16. Spencer Wickenden (PR)