Alumna Elected President of Association of Independent School Librarians

written by Diona Crawford

Christina Pommer received her Master of Information degree for Youth Services from Florida State University in 2005.  Before enrolling in FSU’s MLIS program, she worked toward undergraduate degrees in Writing and Political Science from Johns Hopkins University where she enjoyed the project-based learning offered to her disposal. Now, she works as the Library Director for the Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School  in Bradenton, Florida, where she runs the upper division Sunshine Library. Not only does she spend her time during the day surrounded by books, Christina also teaches research to 7th through 12th grade students, helping them discover authors they will love for years to come. Although taking the job was difficult as she replaced a beloved librarian, she took the challenge of putting her own flair on the program and has made it her own. With her current job, she enjoys being able to learn every day, and the centrality that being a librarian allows her with the curriculum and student life.

Christina was recently named the President Elect of the Association of Independent School Librarians, which is the professional organization for independent school librarians in the United States as well as Canada. This organization is specifically for independent schools, as their landscapes are so unique compared to public campuses. While they communicate mostly through a virtual community on a daily basis, the members also meet in person at a spring conference and summer institute. Since Christina found the organization so helpful in developing lessons, she joined the board to give back to the community, and started as the Technology Director. Here she worked on the website, listerv, and for social media for two years before transferring to President Elect this past April.

Read on to learn more about Christina:

How did you become interested in this career/field?

I was working in school admissions, and I saw the centrality of the role of the librarian in student life and curriculum and was hooked.

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

“Always, every day, in every interaction, build relationships by demonstrating compassion, integrity, gratitude, authenticity, humility, and humor.”

What would you say to someone who doesn’t know what career what they’d like to pursue?

Think about the factors related to quality of life that are important to you. Job titles can change, and if you work hard in a field, you will have opportunities. Think about career paths and how important are items like flexible scheduling, supportive colleagues, natural daylight, office arrangements, and commute. These “little” items add up and can contribute greatly to happiness, regardless of the field you pursue.

Where do you look for inspiration?

People who think deeply about the world around them, listen before speaking, and are willing to change their minds when learning more fully about an issue.

Best account to follow on social media?