Alumnus and Filmmaker John Corry Visits School of Communication Students

In celebration of the first on-campus screening of The Bowden Dynasty on November 10th, The College of Communication and Information had the opportunity to meet with John Corry, the film’s executive producer and writer. A School of Communication alumnus himself, John presented to undergraduate and graduate students in Dr. Malia Bruker’s Documentary Video Production class.

“One of the things that I appreciated when I was in undergrad was seeing people that were in the business come back and talk to us,” said John. “That just meant the world to us to get the real-world experience.” Throughout his presentation, John provided students with tips for navigating the filmmaking industry. “Most of the people in Hollywood are not working on Hollywood films; they’re working on Hollywood shows. I think getting more experience in reality television, news, and documentary production is a great way to start a career.”

Students had the opportunity to ask questions throughout John’s presentation. “It’s interesting to have someone that has graduated from our College. Seeing that he was able to make it in the industry that I want to make it in is very inspiring,” said Kaden Kerpsack, a student in the documentary class. “It gives you hope that you can do it yourself one day.”

John is currently developing a new documentary that focuses on the subject of addiction and recovery, while also promoting the digital release of The Bowden Dynasty. “We are also donating half the proceeds of the film back to the school,” said John. Coach Bowden had embraced the idea of giving back to the school with his legacy film, and John is proud to help make that wish a reality.

You can find more information on The Bowden Legacy here.