CCI Celebrates Social Media Day


In 2010, Mashable named June 30 as Social Media Day as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Now in it’s sixth year, Social Media Day has become a global celebration.

Social media is become an essential part of business strategy for companies in almost every sector. At the College of Communication and Information, courses are offered at the graduate and undergraduate level through the School of Communication and School of Information.

Professors like Dr. Summer Harlow and Dr. Warren Allen are conducting interdisciplinary research in social media. Dr. Allen runs the Social Media Lab, which opened in Fall 2014 to provide researchers the tools to bridge between basic online tools and complex open-source research software.

Students are finding careers in social media more and more attractive.

CCI Alumni & Students working in Social Media

Brittany Sullivan, Social Media & Communications Coordinator, State University System-Board of Governors, Tallahassee, FL

Phillip Crowe, Social Media Director, Global Response, Miami, FL

Celeste Eberhardt, Social Media Manger, Netflix, New York

Todd Smoyer, Social Media Manager, Get More Offers, Los Angeles

Johnathan Butler, Email Marketing & Social Media Specialist, Thomas Nelson Publishing, Nashville, TN

Shea Windley, Director of Digital & Social Media, Fusion Music, Nashville, TN

Charles Levey—Social Media Intern at FSU 

Neichelle Loh—Social/Digital Media Intern at Sachs Media group

Nadia Mousa—Social Media Intern for FSU Campus Recreation Marketing

Samantha Penney – Social Coordinator at eMindful

Sarah Tyson – Social Media Manager at Salter Mitchell

Gina Bollotta – Social Media Manager at Ogelsby

Toby Srebnik – Director of SM at Fish Consulting

Kianta Key – Social Media Manager at Delete Blood Cancer

Sarah Yasi –Social Media Manager at Alys Beach

Adam Karwoski – Social Media Leader/speaker

Rachel Newton – Jr. Content Coordinator at Zimmerman

Nina Cecere – Jr. Content Coordinator at Zimmerman

Mark Daniel Roettger – Social Intern at Zimmerman

“As a social media specialist, any goal or tactic must begin with understanding the audience (looking at data) and then that tactic must be measurable (often tied to a sales goal),” Kianta Key says.

Are you working in social media? Let us know and tell us what you love about your job!