COMM alumna uses digital media skills to create fashion blog


Florida State University School of Communication alumna Ginevra Adamoli-Kalbli, Ph.D., has combined her love of fashion with her skills in digital and social media to create the budding blog

Adamoli-Kalbli is currently working as a digital analyst for VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s official tourism marketing corporation, where she analyzes the organizations digital marketing efforts on the website and social media, and assists/help the content team with content and social media strategy for bloggers.

Ginevra Adamoli-Kalbli

After working a few months in an office setting, the fashion-lover was frustrated as she realized the large divide between what was considered “fashionable” and appropriate attire in the workplace.

“There tons of fashion blogs with beautiful girls, and even if they say they are for regular people they really aren’t,” Adamoli-Kalbli said.  “I personally have a conflict because I love fashion, but also have a side that needs to analyze everything and comment on the consumerism.”

Adamoli-Kalbli, who studied and taught gender communications at Florida State, has a particular interest in the influence of media and stereotypes, and how they relate to fashion.

“I’m trying to mesh the two together,” Adamoli-Kalbli said.  “It’s okay to like fashion, but let’s be honest and see how we can be flexible, real and functional.”

On, Adamoli-Kalbli focuses on a return to classic and elegant fashion with a twist of modernity.  She also discusses the frustration of finding clothes for your age and body type, reviews beauty and skincare products, and invites guest bloggers to contribute. School of Communication doctoral student Mariam Shaikh recently wrote an entry about Muslim fashion in the United States.

“When Gin introduced me to her blog as a colleague, I was impressed with the blend of aesthetics, style, and already present multinational, multicultural essence of fashion critique and contribution on the blog,” Shaikh said. “I chose her forum to introduce one significant aspect of fashion market which is yet neglected in the mainstream fashion talk.”

While the popularity of her blog is still growing, Adamoli-Klabli has attracted over 4,000 followers on her Facebook page and is gaining followers on her other social media platforms like Twitter.

“If you have a passion and you know how to write and the content is good, then you’ll attract people,” Adamoli-Kalbli said.  “I hope what I write is meaningful to people. The blog allows for people to express my opinions without being judged.”

Adamoli-Kalbli is a three-time graduate of Florida State.  After earning a Master of Arts in Italian in 2006, she obtained a M.A. in Communications in 2009 and capped it off with a Ph.D. in Communications in 2012.

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