FSU Alumna Janice Jones’s Journey to CycleHere Media

Janice Jones graduated from Florida State in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Media and Journalism. She went on to broadcast for numerous years, then began her own company, CycleHere Media. Jones is a great example of hard work, and dedication within entrepreneurship.

After graduating from Florida State, Jones applied for a job in a company where she had previously had an internship. After persistence and volunteer work, she was hired, then promoted as a Producer. She switched between news and weather, eventually becoming a Chief Meteorologist on-air.

Following 16 years in this business, Jones and her husband decided to pursue entrepreneurship. “Together, we decided to use our diverse skills, and years of experience capturing an audience with journalistic storytelling, to start our own video marketing agency, CycleHere Media, at a time when online content was exploding,” said Jones.  Every year, they win awards surrounding their story-telling and promotional support of a range of clients.

Jones shares that her time at Florida State University helped prepare her for these roles and challenges she’s faced along the way. “Being a young woman in a male-dominated career field meant I was forging my own path as a female news producer and then even more so as a young female Chief Meteorologist,” she said. Establishing herself as a leader was difficult when she was sometimes the youngest on a team, but her degree helped her gain the confidence needed to do so.

During her studies, Jones served as a Vice President for her sorority, was a news anchor for V89, and a reporter for the Seminole News. Broadcasting provided her with invaluable hands-on experience and allowed her to discover her passions. “It was through taking my first meteorology class with Nancy Dignon that I realized I could combine two of my interests, broadcast and meteorology,” she said. In addition to this, Dr. Nudd’s “Performance of Children’s Literature” inspired her so much, she served on a non-profit board for a children’s literacy program; This led to her current position as a board chair for a children’s museum.

When giving advice to up-and-coming students, Jones recommends taking advantage of internships and volunteer opportunities and polishing your social skills. For more information on Jones and CycleHere Media, click here.