iSchool Alumna Becomes Library Director of Leon County Libraries

iSchool Alumna Pamela Monroe recently became the Library Director for Leon County Libraries. 

Monroe obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Education from Florida A&M University in 1996, before joining FSU as a Master’s student. Monroe holds two Master’s degrees from the FSU iSchool, in Library and Information Science and Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies, respectively. She was also Laura Bush Foundation Fellow during her time at Florida State. Monroe credits her teachers and mentors at FSU with impressing upon her the importance of reading to children. 

“I look at librarianship as a social activism platform because my time at FSU opened my mind and helped me see the world differently. Dr. Eliza Dresang and Dr. Nancy Everhart, have been huge contributors to my success in librarianship,” said Monroe. “Dr. Dresang helped me really dig into the importance of children’s reading and how curating the right combination of stories can change how children invite reading into their lives.  Dr. Everhart gave me the pedagogical look at why this work is so important when done well.” 

Monroe is a skilled library science professional, having worked in a variety of settings including Florida A&M University and Leon County Schools as a teacher librarian, media specialist, and classroom teacher. 

Monroe’s advice for students is to, “join the organizations, attend the conferences and don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get in there.  Explore all of the opportunities that are available.  Volunteer if you can and make good use of your internship opportunities. I truly love this work and even though that is not a requirement, it is surely an asset.” 

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