iSchool Alumna Joins Percepta as an Instructional Designer

iSchool alumna and current certificate student Jaime Sanborn has accepted a full-time role with Percepta as an Instructional Designer. 

Sanborn completed her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the FSU iSchool in 2010. Recently, she returned to FSU to pursue the Graduate Certificate program in Instructional Design and Technology. She is expected to receive her certificate in the summer of 2022. Sanborn spoke to CCI about her current certificate program, saying, “I love to learn. I came upon Instructional Design by researching all the things I loved best about being a Teacher Librarian. Curating resources, researching, collaborating with subject area teachers, and designing learning content are all things that Teacher Librarians do. Turns out so do Instructional Designers! All the signs were pointing in this direction. When I learned that FSU had the Grad Cert, I was all in!” 

Sanborn is an informational professional who has worked in a variety of settings, including public libraries, a K-12 Charter School, an independent middle school, and two public elementary schools. Her work focuses on education, social justice, information literacy, instructional design, and educational technology. She credits her time at FSU with giving her the tools needed to succeed in a professional environment. “FSU gave me the knowledge I needed to confidently navigate interviews and feel prepared for a new career,” she said, “Also, the career center was crucial because they helped me change my resume from a K-12 CV to a business resume.” Sanborn recommends that students take advantage of every free resource available to them. “Take every free course you can and get the Grad Cert if you can afford it,” she shared, “LinkedIn Learning has an EXCELLENT course in Instructional Design. Self-teach as much as possible. Get your hands on every program possible (use the free trials) and create a portfolio. Most importantly, make sure your own style shines through. Be relentless!”