iSchool Alumna Receives a 2022 Influential Businesswoman Award

TaRhonda Harvey (B.S. ‘02) received a 2022 Influential Businesswoman Award from Acquisition International Magazine, a business magazine based out of the United Kingdom. Founder of her own personal branding company, Harvey sat down with CCI to talk about her award, her company, and how students and alumni can develop their own personal brands.

“I always tell people ‘You never know who’s watching you,’” said Harvey. “My goal has always been to make an impact, but I never imagined I would reach the point of being recognized at an international level.”

The Influential Businesswoman Awards celebrates the contributions that female leaders make to social, environmental, and economic prosperity across the globe through their businesses. Harvey’s company, Kolmio Global, is built on supporting small businesses and nonprofits in developing their brands.

“Over time, I met with more and more entrepreneurs who needed guidance on how to put themselves out there,” said Harvey. “Since starting my business in 2007, I’ve seen many of my clients expand their brand visibility and get featured in magazines. When I see them succeed, I always think, ‘You go my little grasshopper!’”

In the fifteen years since starting her company, Harvey has seen the landscape change significantly in how companies and individuals brand themselves.

“It used to be everything had to be perfect,” she said. “But now the question is what exactly are you giving people? Are you showing your true self? You can be professional and still have fun and be goofy. I know I am. And that’s what allows people to relate to you.”

Harvey went on to encourage students and alumni to begin promoting themselves now. “If there’s something you’re doing, whether it’s graphic design, web design, writing…start putting it out there. You never know who may see it and give you an opportunity.”

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