iSchool Alumnus Donates Two Tickets to RenderATL for iSchool Students

iSchool Alumnus Casey Jostine recently donated two tickets to the RenderATL Conference from May 31 – June 2 at Americasmart in Atlanta, Georgia.

Efner Pierre, Casey Jostine, and Owen Van Lenten at RenderATL.

As the founder of <dresscode/>, a Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, and the Director of Operations at RenderATL, Casey is always looking for ways to advocate for current students in their pursuit of technology excellence.

RenderATL is the largest multicultural software engineering-focused tech conference in the United States. Featuring tracks around software and mobile engineering, product & project management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Render is the premier tech event for learning, connecting, and socializing beyond the dryness of your typical tech conference (via

The conference features many notable companies that are actively recruiting for their tech teams such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Dropbox, Zillow, Intuit, and many more. Attendees are also given free admission to a concert at the end of the event, which was headlined by Grammy Award winning artist Kaytranada.

Information Technology students Efner Pierre and Owen Van Lenten were awarded with the opportunity to attend RenderATL to network with industry professionals and learn more about exciting innovation that is happening in the tech world.

Owen told CCI, “The biggest takeaway from RenderATL was understanding the depth of frontend technologies in real world scenarios. It made everything more clear as I could visualize what I was learning and see how it applies to various industries and businesses. Being able to interact and speak with industry professionals tested my ability to adapt to their culture, and provided me with more motivation to become one.”

When CCI asked Efner about his experience at RenderATL, he said “It’s not every day that you come across an event that truly leaves a lasting impact, but RenderATL exceeded all expectations. The exposure from this experience has undoubtedly accelerated my growth and bolstered my confidence in pursuing a successful career in the tech industry. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to applying the knowledge and connections gained from this conference to my future endeavors.”

The College of Communication & Information would like to extend a huge “thank you” to Casey and his team at RenderATL for this exciting opportunity and their commitment to developing young professionals in the tech industry!