Meet CCI Alumna Ginevra Adamoli

Meet Ginevra Adamoli, a CCI alumna who now creates marketing business visions for Fortune 500 companies in New York City.

Dr. Adamoli, who is originally from Lucca, Italy, received a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communication at The Ohio State University before attending Florida State University where she received a master’s degree in Italian Literature & Women’s Studies, a master’s degree in Mass Media Studies, and a PhD in Communications. When asked how this education prepared her for her career, she stated, “Getting a PhD allowed me to think strategically and critically while solving issues, which are highly valued skills these days. A PhD provided me with the intellectual tools to advance marketing strategies for businesses. The combination of taking data-based and creative classes helped me to be agile and a key problem-solver in the complex and ever-evolving landscape of marketing.”

Adamoli currently works as Strategy Director of Digital Customer Experience for Epsilon, part of the Publicis Groupe, one of the largest global advertising and media companies. Within her role, she explained, “I help companies achieve their vision by creating integrated and omni-channel marketing strategies, so think about the latest e-mail you received or a social ad from your favorite brand. Driven by data insights, I help increase revenues while providing customers with digital experiences that are entertaining, valuable, and meaningful.” Her average day consists of team calls, client meetings, building proposals, and a lot of data analysis. When asked what motivates her, Adamoli cited her natural curiosity and passion for learning new things; she shared, “Market research, which is at the core of what I do, allows me to dive deeper into understanding people, consumers in this case, within a technological landscape that always and rapidly evolves. I love diving into people’s minds to understand what motivates them.”

Adamoli also shared how her career has shaped the way she views the world, saying, “I am focused at all times to solve issues which impacts how I conduct my life outside my job. I quickly identify ways to improve efficiency everywhere I go and proactively make plans to change what is not working around me. This may not sound quite fun, but I balance it with yoga and meditation.”

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