Sunshine Librarian @ Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School (Bradenton)

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Middle and Upper School Librarian Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Directly responsible to the Director of Curriculum and Research Also responsible to the Middle and Upper School Division Directors.



The Middle/Upper School Librarian will be supportive of the school and the library and their missions; will hold a MLS or its equivalent; will be technologically-literate; will exhibit good people skills; will understand the school librarian’s role as teacher; will possess the ability to take on necessary discipline functions and will exhibit a fair and unbiased attitude in that role; and will have an interest in continuing professional growth.



The Middle/Upper School Librarian is responsible for the Sunshine Library, which serves students in grades seven through twelve. This faculty member is responsible for evaluating, selecting, organizing, and managing library resources; collaborating with teachers and providing them with materials that support their instruction; teaching research classes to students; meetingindividually with students for readers’ advisory and research consultations; and assisting with technology integration.


Performance Responsibilities:

  • Keep the Director of Curriculum and Research informed of library programs, policies, and activities within their area of responsibility through meetings and periodic observations of the library programs, materials, and equipment.
  • Actively plan with faculty to effectively integrate library services and materials for research and/or literary appreciation within the instructional program.
  • Foster a climate that will encourage students and teachers to take full advantage of the library and its resources by communicating effectively with students, faculty, and parents.
  • Promote the principles of intellectual freedom by providing services and resources that create and sustain an atmosphere of free inquiry and serve as an active advocate for intellectual freedom within the school.
  • Design fun and functional library arrangements and displays.
  • Schedule classes and meetings in the Sunshine Library and the adjacent Reading Room.
  • Be involved in the school community by attending chapel and assembly and serving as an advisor and club sponsor.
  • Attend faculty meetings, participate in committees as needed, and complete other school-related duties as assigned.
  • Support the school’s signature programs in global studies, marine science, and emotional intelligence and look forways the library can grow these initiatives.
  • Cooperate with other local school libraries and public library systems. Participate in the BAAIS library group.
  • Continue to acquire knowledge through training, academic courses, and membership in professional organizations.


Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Select and maintain all materials necessary for a viable library collection that meets the needs of all students and faculty, including print books, Overdrive electronic books, and databases.
  • Manage the budget of the Sunshine Library.
  • Develop and evaluate the scope and sequence of the library program.
  • Administer Turnitin’s plagiarism detection program and educate faculty about instructional design that encouragesoriginality in student submissions.
  • Compile essential records and statistics of library operations.
  • Complete a biennial inventory of all materials in the library collection.
  • Supervise the withdrawal of outdated and worn-out materials.
  • Train all library aides and volunteers in the areas for which they will be responsible.


Educational Responsibilities:

  • Provide instruction in informational literacy, critical thinking, and research skills. Attempt to instill in students independent reference and fact-finding skills and a spirit of inquiry in learning.
  • Offer reference services to students and faculty.
  • Know the books in the collection, and assist students and faculty with reading selections.
  • Work collaboratively to design and implement programs that encourage reading for enjoyment and for research.
  • Model a love of reading and support students’ love of reading.
  • Run the summer reading program, including book selection, promotion, and scheduling.
  • Teach embedded research units in 9th and 10th grade History courses. Chair the underclassmen research award team.
  • Provide materials for faculty professional development.
  • Manage a collection of print and electronic materials appropriate to the educational program and student needs.
  • Serve as resource consultant on curriculum to provide coordinated and cooperative student programming.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Establish efficient acquisition and processing procedures using the Follett Destiny catalog system.
  • Update all patron information in Follett Destiny and Overdrive.
  • Assure easy access to an up-to-date print and electronic collection.
  • Manage the Acceptable Use Policy signatures through the advisory program.
  • Demonstrate competency using various technological devices and software programs.
  • Provide basic technical support for students and teachers. 


Candidates interested in this position should send their cover letter and resume to Christina Pommer –