Recent Comm School Grad Employed at Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce

The Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce welcomed recent School of Communication grad, Courtney Calhoun, as their Marketing and Communications Coordinator in January. Courtney graduated with a Bachelor’s in Media/Communication Studies in the Summer of 2017, and after interning with the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce during the Summer of 2016, Courtney was offered a full time position.

Read on to learn more about Courtney and her post-grad life in Panama City, Florida.

Degree received at FSU

Communications & Media Studies

Degree level


Graduation year: 2017

Hometown: Panama City, FL

Current City: Panama City, FL

Job Position & Company: Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce

What Jeopardy category could you clear, no problem?

Disney movies, no doubt.

Favorite office snack?


Best account to follow on social media?

Anything with a Weimaraner dog! I have a weim and they have the best personalities.

Who do you admire and why?

My parents! They taught me what was important in life and pushed me to where I am today!

Where do you look for inspiration?


Best piece of advice you have ever received?

“Think before you speak.” You can’t take something back after it is said.

Tell us about your job:

I interned with the Panama City Beach Chamber in 2016, and since then I have continued to volunteer and help with many of their events. I was hired at the beginning of 2018, and could not be happier with the ways things have worked out! I am now the Marketing & Communications Coordinator, and I am also responsible for our magazine, The Circuit. I also assist with many of our events and manage our social media. I think that my job is pretty special because I get to promote our members and watch them grow their business!

How did your education prepare you for your career?

Florida State prepared me well! I took advantage of the Career Center,  and I encourage everyone to go there for help on resumes! One of my teachers made us do a mock interview for his class, and at the time it seemed so awkward, but I was so thankful when I had my first interview! I was also encouraged to find internships, brand myself, and meet new people.

How has working in your industry changed the way you look at the world?

Since I have started my career, I now pay more attention to details at events.  I am always looking at new marketing techniques or what we can do different and improve on!

Share a notable (funny, embarrassing, exciting) experience you’ve had at work:

One day I had to sit up front and answer phones and my boss thought it would be funny to prank call me…well, he wasn’t very good at it and kept laughing and gave himself away. I figured out that it was him of course! My work environment is awesome and it is always a good time!

How do you handle work-life balance?

I try to handle the “work-life balance” as best as I can! I am recently transitioning out of the serving life, and I am really enjoying having nights and weekends off. I have an 8-month-old Weimaraner puppy and we enjoy running or being outside after I get off. I am also a planner and like to stay organized, which I think that really helps me the most. I am usually a very busy person so balancing has not been too hard for me.

What advice would you give yourself in college?

I would tell myself to be more involved! I hate that I wasn’t as much as I should have been.


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