Tremaine Grant: iSchool Alumnus and Co-Founder of BULK Fitness App

Tremaine Grant HeadshotTremaine Grant (’13, B.S. Information Technology) is the co-founder of BULK, a fitness app designed for gaining healthy weight and building muscle through customized workout and meal plans. The app boasts 31,000+ users across 140 countries and accesses a unique niche in the health community.

“This is the total opposite of what the majority of the fitness market caters to.” Grant explains, “But this was a problem that resonated with my co-founder, Caleb Diaz, and I. We built it because we wanted to gain weight ourselves and what started off as a passion project would later become our full-time jobs.” The app offers each user a personalized experience based on their weight objectives and ultimate body goals.

Grant loves the freedom, control, and creativity that comes with being the creator of his own product. But none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for his interest in coding or software which only developed more through classes at FSU such as Mobile Programming. Grant says, “I was genuinely in love with the process. I could literally work on homework through the night because it wasn’t really homework to me, it was a passion and I loved it.”

Tremaine Grant PresentingWhile the classes Grant took were just what he needed for improving his technical skills, he ultimately felt like it was the people he met, whether instructors or fellow students, that gave him the most valuable experiences in preparing for the real world. “The overarching concepts of navigating people and life outside of the classroom is what taught me the most. It was the process that taught me the importance of human connection, and building a syndicate of people around you that will help you flourish.”

According to Grant, those hoping to follow in his successful entrepreneurial footsteps need only to think about what they wanted to do when they were a child and satisfaction in their own career choices will soon follow. “There are so many majors that people are unaware of and career opportunities that will fall directly in line with the things you actually enjoy.” It’s been four years since the app was created and although things haven’t always been easy, Grant’s dedication and enthusiasm for his craft keeps him pushing forward in order to make others feel what he feels. “I love that I get to help people feel like they can become their best selves.”