Two CCI Alumnae Inducted into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society

This past fall, two College of Communication and Information (CCI) alumnae were inducted into Florida State University’s Garnet & Gold Scholar Society. The two members are School of Information alumna Catalina Smith (ICT ’23) and School of Communications alumna Shaina Francis (MCS ’23).

The Garnet & Gold Scholar Society recognizes undergraduate students who excel in the areas of international experience, internship, leadership, research and service. A student who meets the criteria in three of the five areas, has their area reflections approved, and completes a Synthesis Reflection will qualify to graduate as a member of the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society. The society allows students to display critical thinking and career-ready professionalism before graduating.

Catalina Smith

Prior to graduation, Smith was involved at FSU in STARS, CCI Leadership Committee, and Lambda Phi Eta. Francis was involved in International Programs, an internship program with the International Rescue Committee, the Director’s Ambassador Program with the School of Communication, and a student organization called “After they Arrive” which she helped found.

Shaina Francis

Post-graduation, Smith plans to work as a human resources analyst for Citibank. “I think people can see my success of where I have gotten myself as ‘luck’, but it really comes down to knowing the right people and working hard.” Smith worked hard throughout undergrad and used resources and connections to have a successful turnout.

Smith shared some advice, “If you as a student can take Ebe Randeree’s IT Leadership, do it, and then take it again! That class changed my life, and I am forever indebted to that class and all it taught me in how I got my job today!”

As for Francis, she is currently enrolled in graduate school at FSU in the Public Interest Media Communications (PIMC) program, and is expected to graduate with her Master’s degree in Spring 2025. “I think the networking skills provided to me through CCI are something that will continue to grow with me throughout the rest of my life,” Francis says. “Knowing how to network and communicate with others is vital both professionally and personally, and CCI gave me those necessary skills.”

Smith and Francis were recognized during graduation and received a designation on their transcript for graduating as a member of the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society.