CCI collecting supplies for University of Alabama counterparts

The College of Communication & Information is collecting supplies to send to our colleagues in the University of Alabama’s College of Communication and Information Sciences. Tuscaloosa, home of UA, and much of Alabama were devastated by the recent tornadoes.  Six UA students were killed in the storms, and many other students, faculty and staff lost their homes and personal belongings.

CCI has strong connections to UA — SLIS Director Corinne Jorgensen has a close friend on the faculty; Comm faculty Laura Arpan and Art Raney earned degrees there and have friends on the faculty, and Art’s mother lives in Tuscaloosa; Angie Barber, a former doctoral student in SCSD, Laurie Bonnici, a former doctoral student in SLIS, and Lance Kinney, a former Comm doctoral student, are on the UA faculty, and Andrew Dunn, former Comm master’s student, completed his doctorate at UA.

Our colleagues at UA need help, and we can provide a small measure of it. SLIS has already gathered a load of supplies, which doctoral candidate Melinda Whetstone is delivering this weekend. Dr. Raney is taking another load next Wednesday, May 11.  Collection boxes have been placed in each School and in the Dean’s Suite for contributions.  Dr. Raney will be picking up the donated material and loading at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Distance-learning students may help by contributing through’s Tuscaloosa Help Page, or by donating blood and specifying it for Tuscaloosa.

College to college, let’s do what we can to help. Please see the list of needed items below. Thanks.

>  Premium Stretch Diapers, all sizes (children and adult)
>  Diaper cream
>  Baby formula
>  Baby wipes
>  Extra Strength Tylenol
>  Trash bags
>  Batteries
>  Disposable razors
>  Non-persishable snack foods (cereal bars, cookies, pretzels, dried fruit, gum, etc.)
>  Bath towels and washcloths
>  White socks
>  T-shirts
>  Deodorant (men’s and women’s)
>  Q-tips
>  Shaving cream
>  Ivory soap
>  Toothbrushes
>  Toothpaste
>  Shampoo
>  Dry pet food , particularly for puppies, kittens and senior dogs and cats
>  Food and water bowls for pets
>  Collars, leashes, crates, carriers for pets
>  Jugs of water
>  Fans and extension cords
>  School supplies (paper, pencils, pens, notebooks)
>  Coloring books and crayons
>  Hand sanitizer
>  Flashlights
>  Feminine hygiene products
>  Blue or black Tarps
>  Sunscreen