Current CCI Student Celebrates the Launch of Her Latest Magazine Publication

On December 11th, 2021, Diverse World Fashion (DWF) Magazine celebrated the launch of their latest issue, titled, “Duality”. An Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and current CCI student Taylor Mair spoke to us about the event and the launch of the new issue.

“We had a great turnout, with models and DWF team members coming to celebrate the magazine, as well as performances by Jordan Just, MC Insight, and Facey,” said Taylor. “Everyone got to see the magazine in print for the first time, as well as meet local creatives.”

Founded in 2012, DWF Magazine is a student-run publication with a focus on promoting greater diversity and inclusion in print media. “The new issue’s theme is duality,” said Taylor. “We talk about how everyone has a spectrum of art within themselves, and how no one has to abide by stereotypes of rules in reference to gender, self-expression, and more.”

As an Editor-in-Chief, Taylor coordinates each team within the magazine to develop the final product. “I’m most proud of the depth put into every photoshoot and article within this magazine,” said Taylor. “I feel so lucky to have these stories shared with me and give everyone a chance to see their art celebrated in print. We always want representation and untold stories to be at the forefront of every magazine. I’m excited to see what concepts everyone pitches next semester.”

To learn more about DWF Magazine, visit their website here.