Dr. Melissa Gross Recognized Among World’s Top Scientists

iSchool Professor Dr. Melissa Gross is one of several CCI faculty members who have been recognized among the world’s top 2% of scientists based on their number of citations. Read on to learn more about Dr. Gross’s research and her advice to student researchers.

Gross has published extensively in many areas, including information-seeking behavior, information literacy, and information resources for youth. Her most cited work is her imposed query model, which she began developing as a doctoral student, and which was being cited widely even before she completed her Ph.D.

Her research has contributed to areas such as children’s use of computers in public libraries, HIV/AIDS resources for youth, and the placement of social workers in public libraries. “I have been lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with many talented people,” said Gross, “which makes research even more fun.”

When asked for her advice to current doctoral students engaged in research, she said, “I have always tried to have at least two projects going that I am actively working on and to write every day.  My advice is to choose projects that really interest you and go where your questions take you.”

CCI congratulates Dr. Gross on her incredible achievement, as well as the other recognized faculty members, including Dr. Hugh Catts, Dr. Paul Marty, Dr. Art Raney, and Dr. Besiki Stvilia.