CCI Attends Colloquium about Mental Health on College Campuses

Juan S. Muhamad presenting at FIU mental health colloquium
Juan S. Muhamad, a doctoral student in the School of Information, presents at the FIU-UT mental health colloquium

Dr. Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, Tracy A. Ippolito, Angela Donahue, and Laura-Kate Huse from FSU School of Communication and Juan S. Muhamad from FSU School of Information had work accepted to a colloquium at Florida International University (FIU) that took place October 22 and 23, 2019. Hosted by FIU, University Toulouse 1 Capitole -UT1C- (France), and University Toulouse 2 Jean Jaurès -UT2J- (France), the event was titled “Mental Health on College Campuses: Current Issues and Challenges.” The organizers represent a trilingual scientific cooperation among North America, Latin America, and Europe with presentations in French, Spanish, and English, and is part of an ongoing program titled “Mental Health on University Campuses.”

“Events such as this one bring focus to complex social issues, in particular mental health on university campuses,” said Dr. Muhamad, Assistant Professor at the School of Communication. “This allows for the creation of spaces in which students are at the center of important discussions about mental health, both through presentation of their research and also through engaging in transformative dialogue.”

Presentations from FSU College of Communication and Information included:

  • Boundary object between faculty and students social worlds: boundary crossing for mental health, Juan S. Muhamad, School of Information
  • Students in Recovery on College Campuses: Obstacles and Opportunities to Support their Success, Tracy A. Ippolito, School of Communication
  • Developing a game to educate and destigmatize mental health issues among college students, Jessica Wendorf Muhamad, School of Communication
  • Deculturation of Military Learning Techniques: Exploring the Transition from Military Learning to Higher Education, Angela Donahue, School of Communication
  • Systems evaluation of mental health in PhD program, Laura-Kate Huse, School of Communication
Tracy A. Ippolito presents at FIU
Tracy A. Ippolito, School of Communication graduate student, presents on Student in Recovery on College Campuses