School of Communication Student Katie Fites Hosts 2024 FSL Linedance Event

On Wednesday, April 3, School of Communication student Katie Fites co-hosted the largest Greek-run philanthropic event at Florida State University, Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Linedance. This year the event attracted nearly 4,000 spectators and raised over $342,000 which was a new fundraising record. 

“The $342,000 raised means the world to me, and I am so honored to be one of the heads behind the event!” Fites said. 

FSL Linedance, presented by Panhellenic, is an annual dance competition between the 17 campus sororities and led by five of the campus fraternities. Held at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center, the goal of the event is to create strength and unity among the fraternity and sorority community by raising money for its six beneficiaries including the Collegiate Veteran’s Association, the Victims Advocate Program, the Unconquered Scholars Program, the Andrea C. Cameron Foundation, DanceChance, and LIFT. 

Picture of Katie Fites and her co-host on stage.
Katie Fites (left) with Joe Keyser (right) on the Linedance stage.

Fites, a current Media and Communications Studies Junior, first became involved with Linedance back in 2022 as a dancer for her sorority’s team. She said she remembers the exact moment she was practicing backstage and noticed the two hosts at the time preparing. After seeing that, she knew she wanted to come back as a host one day. “I’ve always loved those kinds of environments and was very involved with performing arts in high school, which helped me thrive off the energy rather than shy away from it,” she explains. 

Leading up to the big show, Fites and her fellow co-host spent lots of time attending meetings with the Executive Board and preparing their scripts. There were also a handful of preliminary events where the two were able to introduce themselves and begin drawing attention to the competition prior to getting on stage. 

However, Fites says her favorite memories came from the day of the event. “The feeling of being on stage in front of so many students was priceless. There are truly no words to describe the rush from getting to control all the excitement in the crowd and being able to feel all that energy and love come right back to you” she said.

From beginning her journey as a dancer, to leading the crowd as a host, Katie Fites proved her talent to entertain audiences on the FSL Linedance stage.