CCI Faculty Awarded Summer Grants

Each year, Florida State’s Council on Research and Creativity (CRC) offers summer funding to research projects through the First Year Assistant Professor Program (FYAP). This is a grant program designed to provide first-year assistant professors with “summer salary support to facilitate their research and/or creative activities,” says the website. The grant is available to all active FSU faculty who are in their first year as a full-time Assistant Professor and have not already received funding from the CRC.

This year, five assistant professors in the College of Communication and Information were awarded grants through the FYAP. They include:

Dr. Rachel Bailey

Dr. Bailey received funding for her project titled “Investigating the Role of Visual Food Cues in Obesity Prevention Policy.”

Dr. Andrea Barton-Hulsey

Dr. Barton-Hulsey received funding for her project titled “Phonological Awareness in School-Age Children with Developmental Disabilities.”

Dr. Christopher Constantino

Dr. Constantino was awarded funding for his project, “Stuttering Identity’s Contribution to Well Being Among Adults who Stutter.”

Dr. Katherine Dale

Dr. Dale received funding for her project, “Portrayals of hope in the media: Understanding the effects of a media character’s perseverance and ethnicity on audience well-being.”

Dr. Arienne Ferchaud

Dr. Ferchaud was awarded funding for her project titled “Developing a Measurement of Perceived Virtual Morality.”

Dr. Yubo Kou

Dr. Yubo Kou received funding for the development of a maker identity at the Innovation Hub.

Dr. Diogo Nunes de Oliveira

Dr. Diogo Nunes de Oliveira will use his funding towards an Efficient Risk-Aware Survivability and Restoration Solution for Virtual Network Service Chains.

Dr. Mollie Romano

Dr. Romano received funding for her project, “Coaching caregivers to increase child gesture use in toddlers from high poverty backgrounds.”

CCI would like to congratulate our wonderful faculty for these awards!