Comm Professor Malia Bruker Wins Documentary Award at Tallahassee Film Festival

Digital Media Production Professor Malia Bruker‘s documentary ‘Alluvium‘ has been awarded the Audience Favorite for Best Documentary at the Tallahassee Film Festival. This documentary was also chosen as an official selection for the 2018 Athen’s International Film & Video Festival.

The synopsis ‘Alluvium’ can be found on Bruker’s website. “The rolling hills and ancient villages of Tuscany provide the backdrop for Alluvium, both an experimental documentary about art-making and a piece of art in itself. As artists from across Italy gather to create work in and inspired by the Tuscan landscape, Alluvium observes their praxis, then quietly drifts into its own. The stunning cinematography makes magic of the process of finding inspiration, as it slips between reality and illusion, observation and performance.”

Malia Bruker participated in a site-specific art exhibition spread across various locations in Tuscany. She was an artist-in-residence at M’Arte 2015, a contemporary art project which was when she was able to film the documentary. “Making Alluvium was the best experience I’ve had shooting a film,” says Bruker. “It’s great to see audiences responding so positively to it.”

You can view the trailer for ‘Alluvium’ by clicking here.