Dr. Ho Awarded funding from Cyber Florida

Shuyuan Mary Ho, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in FSU School of Information that has made a significant impact in her research field regarding trusted human-computer interactions. Some of Dr. Ho’s key accomplishments include designing online games to investigate human deception and founding the iSensor Lab to further her research inquiries into cybersecurity defense. Dr. Ho has received several grants and awards as both a cybersecurity researcher and professional. Due to her dedication in these subjects, Dr. Ho was recently awarded funding from the Florida Center for Cybersecurity (Cyber Florida).

Cyber Florida is a state-funded organization dedicated to positioning Florida as a national leader in cybersecurity through education and workforce development, as well as innovative and interdisciplinary research, and community outreach. Dr. Ho was awarded this grant to bridge the current cybersecurity workforce gap with up-to-date hands-on exercise modules that teach core concepts in human vulnerabilities, human computer interaction, cyber operations and cloud forensics. The goal is to prepare graduates for cyber defense positions in government agencies, as well as commercial operations.

The project ensures that crucial hands-on exercises can be easily assimilated into other universities’ curricula to advance skills in critical thinking and troubleshooting that are essential in the ever-changing “chess game” of intruders vs. defenders. This is an effort to prepare both instructors and students for future advances in dynamic cybersecurity tactics, as well as current defensive operations. Researchers from the FSU School of Information (iSchool) and the FSU Computer Science (CS) Department will work in concert, sharing their expertise in instructional design and advanced experience in course development to create a rigorous curriculum.

Furthermore, the project will seek to identify young talent, preparing students with situational awareness and technical skillsets, while fostering diverse interests in joining the cybersecurity workforce. The project will also involve participation of a diverse group of students that includes a variety of ethnic minorities and gender backgrounds.

Dr. Ho is currently hiring students to work on this grant for the Fall. If you have an interest in cybersecurity, and would like to participate in this research, you can contact her via email (smho@fsu.edu).

After the successful implementation of the proposed project, the team will continue seeking funding opportunities from the federal government for developing cybersecurity workforce.