Dr. Russell Clayton Receives $20,000 Committee on Faculty Research Support Award

Dr. Russell Clayton HeadshotRecently, School of Communication Associate Professor Dr. Russell Clayton was awarded a $20,000 Committee on Faculty Research Support (COFRS) Award from Florida State University’s Council on Research and Creativity (CRC). This grant is intended to support faculty research and creative activity. The money awarded from this grant will fund a series of studies, which aim to bridge positive media psychology and health communication research.  

Dr. Clayton explained more about the project stating that research has shown that  exposure to self-transcendent media can evoke certain emotions such as inspiration and elevation which have been linked to prosociality, altruism, and others-oriented perspectives.  

“The research I am conducting aims to harness self-transcendent media and self-transcendent emotions to positively influence how people respond to subsequent media, such as persuasive health messages,” Dr. Clayton explained, “ The goal of my research is to provide recommendations into how media content and technologies can be used to advance human health, interpersonal and psychological well-being, and prosociality. The project funded by the FSU COFRS will allow me to continue in these efforts.”  

 Dr. Clayton added, “I am extremely grateful for FSU’s CRC and the many faculty, staff, and reviewers who makes these opportunities available. I am excited to work on this line of research, and I am hopeful that the subsequent results will lead to larger grant-funded research opportunities.”