Everhart bringing two German librarians in residence

This fall, two German librarians will join us at the CCI School of Library & Information studies as part of the Goethe-Institut New York’s Librarians in Residence Program. SLIS Associate Professor Nancy Everhart will organize the program for the institute’s two librarians in residence.

Each year, the Goethe-Institut New York invites two German librarians to travel to the US in order to meet and work with their American colleagues on a specific theme. The theme for 2010 is "School Libraries." As the current President of the Association of American School Librarians, director of the School Libraries Training Program and of PALM (Partnerships Advancing Library Media) Center at Florida State University, Dr. Everhart is an appropriate choice to host the visitors.

 Helga Hofmann, deputy department head of the Employment Office for School Libraries at Frankfurt Municipal Library, and Julia Rittel, director for School Media at the Technical College of Rhein-Siegen-Kreis and head of the School Libraries Working Group of North-Rhine-Westphalia will be the two librarians in residence for 2010.

Hofmann and Rittel will have the opportunity to become familiar with the daily routine of several school libraries and with the specifics of school library education in the US. In addition, they will take part in annual Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME) conference and will blog reports on their residency. Following their time in the US, they will publish an article on their experiences as librarians in residence in the German library journal, Buch und Bibliothek.