Faculty from the School of Communication Science and Disorders Participate in Florida State University’s College of Medicine’s Medical Disability Workshop

On February 26th and March 5th, 2022, Florida State University’s College of Medicine hosted a series of workshops in conjunction with faculty from the School of Communication Science and Disorders (SCSD). These workshops focused on medical staff’s interactions with patients with disabilities.

This first event, held on February 26th, was a workshop for M1, M2, Bridge, and PA College of Medicine Students, assisting them in obtaining a Disability Certificate. Here, students received hands-on experience with tools used for individuals with disabilities, working in teams to complete activities in different stations and practice a multitude of skills. Ellen Nimmons, Faculty Clinical Supervisor at the SCSD shared, “the School of Communication Science and Disorders participated in two stations displaying assistive technology/devices and educational information used to enhance communication with individuals with disabilities.”

Dr. Kristen Guynes and Chelsea Alexander presented on hearing aids and cochlear implants, highlighting methods of communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing population. Ellen Nimmons and Becky Greenhill, assisted by Dr. Kelly Whalon, provided students with experience operating augmentative and assistive communication devices. These devices are vital in enhancing communication for people with varying communication needs.

On March 5th, a faculty team led by Dr. Michelle Therrien presented on considerations for engagement and participation of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, those who are deaf and hard of hearing, as well as individuals with acquired neurogenic disabilities. This team was comprised of teaching, research, and clinical faculty, with team members including Dr. Andrea Barton-Hulsey, Dr. Sana Tibi, Dr. Kristen Guynes, Dr. Elizabeth Madden, and Ellen Nimmons.

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