Florida State Feature Focuses on Advanced Feature Production and Reporting Classes in the School of Communication

Advanced Feature Production and Reporting are classes offered for Digital Media Production and Media Communication students, with some limited opportunities also available for general FSU students hoping to gain professional production and on camera experience. Students are divided between producers and reporters, then focus on individual projects that highlight interesting news around campus. Through interviewing, editing, and collaborating with others, students learn to independently create media content and share it with others.

Advanced Feature and Reporting instructors Jim Garbarino (left) and Tim Fordyce (right)

Jim Garbarino, CCI Faculty Member, and Tim Fordyce, Sr. Administrative Specialist, collaborate when teaching this class. Garbarino focuses on guiding production students with filming, editing, audio, and all technical aspects of feature making. Fordyce oversees reporters, assisting them with pitches, writing, and storytelling. In their hands, students feel comfortable and confident while gaining hands-on experience within their field.

“The hard work of our talented students has been recognized with multiple awards over the years and helps make FSU communications students some of the most sought after and marketable graduates in their field,” shared Garbarino. “Students from this course have moved on to positions at major networks, media groups, sports teams, and private companies all over the world.”

Advanced Feature Production and Advanced Feature Reporting provide students with a sense of independence and trust in themselves to create a full story on their own. While they are given resources and tools to be self-sufficient, the importance of collaboration is key. This class is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in media creation at Florida State to gain experience in the field.

“Each Advanced Feature instructor brings more than 30 years of writing, shooting, editing, producing, and communications expertise to the classroom,” shared Fordyce. “That level of real-world experience provides our students a clear understanding of the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in a highly competitive industry.”

Students Alex Pagan, Louis Akkermans, and Nyrie Iskandarian collaborated to create a feature about the class itself. This feature focuses on all the opportunities provided within this class, interviewing award-winning alumni and stressing the importance of these experiences during one’s college career. Check it out here: