iSchool Professor Breaking New Ground in Human-Computer Interactions Research


Shuyuan Mary Ho, Ph.D., is currently an assistant professor at Florida State’s iSchool. Dr. Ho is teaching Information Systems and Information Security in both undergraduate and graduate-level classes at the College of Communication and Information. When she’s not teaching in the classroom, she’s conducting research on topics such as trusted human-computer interactions, cyber insider threats, online deception, and more. Dr. Ho is also conducting research on the use of computational intelligence for the safety and security of the internet. She is an international leader in this unusual area of research, and quite unique in her practice of using online games to simulate real-world scenarios for research purposes.

Recently, several of Ho’s works of research have been published by top-tier journals and presented at world-class conferences. Over the last five years, she has had more than 20 peer-reviewed articles published. Her article on the ethical dilemma underlying the cues of deceptive intent has recently been published in the esteemed Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST). Another article of Ho’s, on trustworthiness attribution in computer-based group communication, has also been published to JASIST. You can view some of her published research through the links below:

Ethical dilemma: Deception dynamics in computer-mediated group communication

Trustworthiness attribution: Inquiry into insider threat detection

In early 2018, Ho presented a paper at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-51) conference. There she presented on research she has performed in collective intelligence and computational effectiveness. The link to the full version of this article is listed below:

Computer-Mediated Deception: Collective Language-Action Cues as

Stigmergic Signals for Computational Intelligence

Ho has just recently been granted tenure, and she will be promoted to associate professor in the Fall. Thanking her colleagues, she said, “I am so happy that not only can I teach and do my research at the iSchool, but I am grateful to be part of a place that really feels like home.”