Veterans Communication Internship Honors Dr. Jay Rayburn

The Jay Rayburn Communications Internship is awarded through the Student Veterans Center and aims to foster student’s connection with the communication field and working directly with veterans at Florida State. This internship is named after Associate Professor Dr. Jay Rayburn from the School of Communication within the College of Communication & Information.


“In addition to providing CCI students with challenging and rewarding work experience, the Jay Rayburn Communication Internship also enhances understanding of the U.S. military, as well as those who served or are still serving,” said Student Veterans Center director Billy Francis. “The insights gained through this knowledge and these acquaintances offer interns an awareness they’ll carry far into their careers and their lives.”

Matthew Jorrin is the most recent recipient of the internship and is expected to graduate in Spring 2019. “I’m so proud to be working with the Student Veterans Center and their amazing team during my final year at Florida State.” said Jorin. “It’s a rare position that allows students, even at the intern level, to have a hand in the fulfilling job of honoring veterans within the FSU family. As a student, this job has exposed me to different facets of my field and helped me identify my specific interests, strength and weaknesses.”

“Naming the internship after me was a total surprise, but one that I will cherish forever.” says Dr. Jay Rayburn. “As a veteran I am please to be associated with our Veteran’s Program and FSU’s effort to be known as the most veteran-friendly university in America.  I wish all our faculty throughout the university would get on board to do anything we can to support this program and what it is trying to accomplish.  The internship will help publicize, educate and garner support for the program.  I’m just so happy and proud to have my name associated with the effort.”

“Just as Dr. Jay Rayburn was shaped through his military service, the internship that bears his name aims to broaden and shape students’ appreciation for the one percent of the U.S. population who defend our country.” Billy Francis says. “Plus, these interns get to contribute to the gratifying work being done by our outstanding Student Veterans Center team.”