COMM assistant professor quoted in “La Presse”

Dr. Patrick Merle
Dr. Patrick Merle

Florida State University School of Communication assistant professor Patrick Merle was recently interviewed by “La Presse”, the largest French-language daily newspaper in Montreal, about the public image of French economist and author Thomas Piketty.

Piketty’s latest book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” was released in the United States a few weeks ago and quickly became a best seller, but “The Daily Mail” and multiple other British newspapers recently portrayed him as a woman beater stemming from accusations by Aurelie Filippetti, the Minister of Culture and Communication in France.  Filippetti and Piketty dated in 2009.

As this affair resurfaced, “La Presse” reporter Judith LaChapelle wondered whether such negative personal details could affect the reputation and image of the applauded economist.

Merle, who is an expert in public relations and media effects, worked as a media professional covering various political, economic, social, cultural and athletic events on the international level before joining academe.

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