Korzenny quoted in NBC Latino about how Hispanic females are influencing what products you will be buying

Dr. Felipe Korzenny
Dr. Felipe Korzenny

Dr. Felipe Korzenny, professor in the Florida State University (FSU) School of Communication and director of the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, was quoted in an article published by NBC Latino about how Hispanic women are increasingly influencing products that are purchased.  “U.S. Latinas can do more on their own than ever before, and that includes getting more education, making more money and deciding what to do with the money earned by their household,” says Korzenny.

The U.S. Census data projects that by the year 2060, Hispanic women will make up 30 percent of this country’s total female population.  As a result, there will be an increase of products on the shelves that are targeted more towards their preferences.  Visa versa, their tastes and values will also influence our nation.

As the number of U.S. Hispanics continues to rise, marketers are looking to establish a strong relationship with the female community, since they are often the driving forces behind decisions related to what their household income should be spent on.  Korzenny, who is noted in the article an expert in Hispanic marketing, advises that “companies will need to appeal to consumers across a new U.S. Latino identity.”

The article was published on August 2, 2013 and full story can be read online at:


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