Sports Video Group commends Professor Rodin’s 3D technology at Seminole Productions

Mark Rodin 3D Filming
Mark Rodin Filming in 3D at FSU Football Game. Photo credit to Sports Video Group.

Sports Video Group commends Mark Rodin, director of Seminole Productions and professor at the Florida State University (FSU) School of Communication, for using innovative 3D camera technologies.  

For over two years, Rodin has been working with Coach Jimbo Fisher to perfect best ways for filming FSU football games using 3D.  This technology is being used to help players and will be tried next at the university’s baseball games.

Rodin teaches the Introduction to 3D Production course for undergrad students so they can learn how to shoot in 3D, edit, and create programming.  A graduate program is working on research to help provide 3D footage that can be used for scientific studies and audience focus groups.

According to this article, “Florida State is continuing its commitment to 3D, completing construction of a 3D theater this past summer and bringing 3D to the classroom. […] Florida State is rapidly earning the title of 3D-U”. 

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