CCI Students Travel to Tampa to Network with Major Companies

In late February, students from the College traveled to Tampa, Florida, to meet with three major companies: Reliaquest, Citibank, and Raymond James. They also attended Synapse Summit to connect with Florida innovators.

During these networking trips, students meet recruiters and experience each company’s culture. Students also connect with College of Communication and Information (CCI) alumni at the companies and at social gatherings organized by Associate Dean Ebe Randeree.

At Synapse Summit, students learned about the IT industry in Tampa, engaged with speakers, and attended a career fair. The conference allowed entrepreneurs, startup companies, and local industry leaders to showcase their innovations and involvements. “Taking our students there allowed them to see what was available in the entire Tampa market, and also got their name and face out there within the tech community,” said Randeree.

“My favorite company that we visited has to be Reliaquest. The space had a very vibrant and modern atmosphere, located in the heart of downtown Tampa,” said student Owen Van Lenten. “Learning more about their approach to cybersecurity was exciting, and seeing what opportunities they offer made me easily visualize a potential future there.”

“I learned a lot about the inner processes in tech companies. This included learning how people collaborate internally within teams, and externally across departments,” said student Arianna Nicolas. Student Jai Reed added, “The opportunity to converse with knowledgeable representatives of each company helped settle the curiosity I had regarding which sector of tech I want to specialize in, which will undoubtedly aid in my professional development as I navigate a career in tech.”

“The Tampa trip taught me so much! Getting the opportunity to speak with professionals in the industry, learn about many different positions that I might not have heard of before, and attend a tech conference to discover new technologies was truly an amazing experience,” said student Rebeckah Anestin. “If I had to take away one practical piece of advice, it would be to buy a notepad and take notes the first year of your new job out of college! There will be so much to learn and that would help to keep track of it all.”

This networking trip provided insights and career guidance, shaping these students’ perspectives and aiding them to launch a career in the tech industry.