Comm Doctoral Student Presents Research at ECA Annual Convention


Earlier this month, Communication doctoral candidate Chris Garcia traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, where he presented research at the Eastern Communication Association’s Annual Convention. His paper, “Exploring Global Warming Doubt: The Influence of ‘Official Sources’ on U.S. Climate Change News,” examined over 100 front-page New York Times articles concerning climate change published between 2009 and 2013. The goal of the research was to determine the role of “official sources” on global warming discourse. The results showed that although global warming and climate change are primarily environmental issues, they tend to be covered within political and economic contexts. Garcia further explored this issue by comparing several articles discussing climate change issues in the U.S. versus global warming affairs abroad.

“I was thrilled to be able to present my work and represent Florida State University at ECA in Providence,” Garcia says.“As my first academic conference, this particular event will always hold a special place in my heart through my career journey.” Garcia, who received his master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies from FSU in 2018, is now studying to earn his Ph.D. in Communication. His primary focus is on better-developing society’s understanding of how to best shape media messages to be most impactful in spreading positive knowledge regarding environmental sustainability.

“My passion for research lies in sharing information that can inspire people to take action in ways that benefit our environment,” Garcia reflects. “In a way, I view it as not only scholarship but also as activism.”