Danielle Brimo, Laura Gingrich, Lindsey Leacox and Laurie Beth Swineford successfully defended their dissertations this fall 2011

  • Danielle Brimo (Major Advisor: Dr. Kenn Apel): Examining the contributions of Syntactic Awareness and Syntactic Knowledge to Reading Comprehension
  • Laura Gingrich (Major Advisor: Dr. Julie Stierwalt): Relation Among Age, Gender, And Oral/Palatal Dimensions On Anterior And Posterior Lingual-Palatal Pressures In Healthy Adults
  • Lindsey Leacox (Major Advisor: Dr. Carla Jackson): Young English Learners’ Cognate Sensitivity on Picture‐Word Recognition and Production
  • Laurie Beth Swineford (Major Advisor: Dr. Amy Wetherby): Symbol Use In The Home Environment In Toddlers Suspected Of Having Autism Spectrum Disorder