STARS hosts FEED YOUR BRAIN Leadership Panel

STARS (Students and Technology in Academia, Research, and Service) Alliance hosted a Feed Your Brain event Leadership Panel on 11/9 in the Shores Building. Panelists included:

  • Nadia Kamal, CEO, Onyx Group
  • Tim Kinney, Prof, College of Business & Former IBM Executive
  • Mark Marsiglio, CEO, ThinkCreative


The panel was moderated by Ebe Randeree.  Jisell Sobalvarro, a STARS student, was pleased with the outcome. She said, “I learned that diligence is essential to succeeding in the field you want to go into; sometimes you fail, but the key is to keep going even after you fail—failures can lead you into new, unforeseen opportunities.”
Another attendee, Gabriel Solomon remarked that the panel “helped me understand the importance of setting goals and communicating them with the people in my network because you never know who may be able to help you.” The main message focused around having a passion for what you do, always improving yourself, setting goals and being organized.