Find iSchool at ALISE 2015!

Join Florida State University School of Information faculty, staff, students and alumni at ALISE 2015 in Chicago, Illinois from January 27-30, 2015! Here’s where you can find us at ALISE:

Tuesday, January 27

6:30pm – 9:00pm Works In Progress Poster Session and Opening Reception Grand Ballroom, Floor 8

Jon Hollister – FSU iSchool doctoral student,”Mirror image: An autoethnographic reflection on ethnography.”

Jon Hollister- FSU iSchool doctoral student, “Tap the mind: The information worlds of American craft brewers”

Jisue Lee – FSU iSchool doctoral student, “From Tweets to Twitterers: Semi-structured Interviews with South Korean Opinion Leaders on Twitter.”

Jennifer Wood – FSU iSchool doctoral student, “Modifying LIS and Education Curricula to Address Disparity”


Wednesday, January 28

8:30am Session 1.1 ALISE Awards and Paper – FSU iSchool alumni Laurie Bonnici and Mega Subramaniam Toledo, Floor 5

8:30am Session 1.2 C – Juried Papers – Information, Theory and Social Justice: Social Justice Across Information Worlds: Implications for LIS Research and Education from Three Research Contexts – Dr. Gary Burnett and FSU iSchool doctoral students Jisue Lee, Jon Hollister and Julia Skinner – “Social justice across information worlds: Implications for LIS research and education from three research contexts.” King Arthurs Court, Floor 3

8:30am Session 1.6 Juried Panel: Teacher/Librarian Collaboration in Math and Science: Using Professional Experience to Inform Pedagogy – Dr. Melissa Gross and Dr. Don Latham of FSU iSchool and alumna Mega Subramaniam Sullivan, Floor 8

2pm Session 2.1 A Juried Papers – Trends in Education and Social Justice: Learning Labs and Makerspaces – A Fad or Future of Libraries? – FSU iSchool alumna Kyungwon Koh. Toledo, Floor 5

2pm Session 2.2 Juried Panel: Virtual Windows: Research Collaboration across Cultures, Space, and Time – Dr. Gary Burnett of FSU iSchool. King Arthurs Court, Floor 3

2pm Session 2.6 A Juried Papers – Underserved Groups, Libraries, and Information Literacy: How Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Tweens’ Pre-Existing Beliefs Can Influence the Success of Their Online Health-Related Info Searches – FSU iSchool alumna Mega Subramaniam. Sullivan, Floor 8

4pm Session 3.2 A Juried Works In Progress Papers: Social Justice and Digital Textbooks: Concerns Voiced by School Librarians Regarding Mandatory Implementation – Dr. Nancy Everhart and doctoral student Ji Hei Kang of FSU iSchool. King Arthurs Court, Floor 3

4pm Session 3.2 B Juried Works In Progress Papers: Through the Looking Glass: Empowering Science Learners through Teacher‐Librarian Collaboration – Dr. Melissa Gross and Dr. Don Latham of FSU iSchool. King Arthurs Court, Floor 3

4pm Session 3.3 SIG Program – Doctoral Students: Exploring Critical Approaches within LIS: An Interdisciplinary Panel – Dr. Gary Burnett of FSU iSchool. Burnham, Floor 8

7:30pm-9pm Doctoral Student Research Poster Session and Reception Grand Ballroom, Floor 8 – FSU iSchool Doctoral Student Wonchan Choi


Thursday, January 29

8:30am Session 4.1 ALISE Awards and Papers – Paul Jaeger, FSU iSchool alumnus. Burnham, Floor 8

8:30am Session 4.7 Juried Panel: Representation for all: Including stakeholders in LIS program governance in a changing world – Dr. Kathy Burnett of FSU iSchool and FSU iSchool alumni Samantha Hastings and Linda Most. Wright, Floor 8

10:30am Session 5.4 SIG Program – Information Ethics: Frameworks for Promoting Social Justice through Information Ethics – FSU iSchool doctoral student Abby Phillips. Exchange North, Floor 11

10:30am Session 5.5 SIG Program – School Library: School Library Practice and Education: Developing a Passion and Commitment to Civil Rights, Social Justice, and Learning For Life – FSU iSchool alumna Mega Subramaniam. Holabird, Floor 8


Friday January 30

8:30am Session 7.4 SIG Program-Research: The Past, Present, and Future of LIS Research: Reflections on Social Justice – Dr. Kathleen Burnett and Dr. Gary Burnett of FSU iSchool. Exchange North, Floor 11