FSU STARS Alliance wins Best College Chapter Award

STARS Members Shelby Schlembach, Luisa Laitano, Melissa Ehster, and Russ Hill Jr.

This past weekend, the STARS Alliance (Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service) at Florida State University traveled to Washington DC for the annual STARS conference.

The annual conference highlights each college chapter’s achievements.  42 STARS chapters gathered in Washington DC, from August 14-16th. “The weekend overall was a great experience,” said Michael Helfrich, STARS member. “We had the opportunity to highlight some of our 119 projects completed this year.”

STARS Computing Corps is a community of practice for student-led regional engagement as a means to broaden participation in computing. Students collaborate with regional K-12 schools, industry and community partners to inform and prepare upcoming students for entry and success in college computing programs.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 2.11.30 PM
Luisa Laitano and Michael Helfrich

The Florida State division of STARS has been working with the Tallahassee community since 2006.   At the conference, FSU STARS students presented on various topics:

  • Maximizing LinkedIn and strategies for building a professional network (Marketing your activities and people)
  • How STARS Leadership Roles Affect Resumes (a demonstration of ways to use STARS work for employment)
  • Student Organizations: Using one group to build a network of groups/students
  • Lightning Talks on working with K-12, development of leaders, and community outreach

STARS Posters submitted:

  • Brownies and Cookies: STARS work with Girl Scouts
  • Recruitment on Campus: Winner of Best Service Poster and $200 prize
  • STARS on the Road and Funding
  • Formalizing Service and Outreach
  • Leadership 101

At Saturday night’s award dinner, STARS walked away with the “Most Outstanding College Corps” award!

“STARS Celebration has been a prime chance to really appreciate how much we’ve accomplished at FSU and the impact we’ve had on the community. We were honorably selected to present three workshops, five posters, and three lightning talks celebrating what we do, how we do it, and why it matters,” said Luisa Laitano.

The 12 FSU students that attended were: Rachel Bryson, Melissa Ehster, Michael Helfrich, Russ Hill Jr., Luisa Laitano, Courtney Lisenbee, Kelby Mahoney, Marissa Monivis, Milton Ramer, Shelby Schlembach, Chelsea Schneider, and Kelsey Styles.

The students were accompanied by STARS Liaison Ebe Randeree (who was nominated for Outstanding Liaison), Dean Larry Dennis, and Development Officer Mafe Brooks.

The FSU team also hosted an alumni dinner while in DC, meeting with Brian Anweiler (BS Media/Comm ’97), Chris Baker (BS IT ’11), Courtney Duran (BS IT ’11), Emily Ensley (BS Int’l Affairs ’12), and Zach Heng (BS IT ’07).