iSchool Doctoral Student Gets Paper Published in Sage Journals

iSchool Ph.D. student Lateef Ayinde is the main contributor to a paper that was published in the Business Information Review-Journal in Sage Journals.

The paper, “ChatGPT as an important tool in organizational management: A review of the literature”, conducts a thorough literature review to explore multiple perspectives on integrating ChatGPT into organizational management. It breaks down ChatGPT development, practical uses, ethical implications, governance mechanisms, regulations, and policies.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model developed by Open AI that has presented challenges across social, economic, and legal domains. As Ayinde and his team conducted their research, they noticed an insufficiency in holistic literature reviews on ChatGPT. This research does not aim to shut down this tool but rather provide insight into how it can be used responsibly and ethically.

“We are interested in artificial intelligence and its application in different fields such as education, health, and the public sectors. We wanted to create a comprehensive overview of the current applications of AI and its potential to help solve real-world problems. We also wanted to provide a roadmap for future research opportunities and potential applications,” Ayinde told CCI.

When conducting this research, Ayinde and his fellow iSchool Ph.D. candidate co-authors Muhamad Prabu Wibowo, Benhur Ravuri, and Forhan Bin Emdad wanted to enlighten their audience about the crucial governance and ethical issues behind ChatGPT. As AI continues to grow, they also focused on reviewing legal issues as well as potential implications for society.

Ayinde and his co-authors hope that with their research, organizations can enhance their operating and decision-making processes.