School of Communication Science and Disorders Receives Two Exciting New Grants

The School of Communication Science and Disorders was recently awarded two exciting new grants from the United States Department of Education. Respectively, the two grants will support master’s and doctoral level leadership training through the projects TEO Team Enhanced Outcomes and TP-3 Team-Based Research and Teaching to Prepare Experts in Language, Literacy, and Learning. Read on to learn more about the projects!


Team Enhanced Outcomes (TEO)

Project TEO will address a need to better prepare students in the master’s program to serve multilingual children with disabilities and will include team-based training, specialized coursework, experiential learning, and research practicum to produce highly qualified speech-language pathology. SCSD director Dr. Carla Wood shared more saying, “The grant funding will allow us to provide speech language pathology trainees with tuition and stipends but also provide resources to support scholars’ well-being and work-life balance with individualized supports based on scholars’ cultural, academic, and social-emotional needs with the goal of supporting them to complete the program.” The $1.25 million grant will support 45 master’s students over its five-year duration.


TP-3 Team-Based Research and Teaching to Prepare Experts in Language, Literacy, and Learning

The TP-3 project will further develop SCSD’s existing doctoral program to create a five-year training program that provides future leaders with specialized knowledge to foster research and innovations that improve outcomes for students with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Specifically, the $2.5 million grant will provide living stipends, tuition, and dissertation support as well as networking opportunities to ten doctoral fellows over the next five years. Dr. Wood explained, “This grant will foster more research engagement and expand our collaborations within and outside FSU towards a translational team science focus. The program will promote the coalescence of pedagogy and research experiences to prepare our doctoral fellows to address complex problems.”