iSchool Conferences – Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 semester brings another round of conferences. Florida’s iSchool will be well represented at the international, national and state level.

Warren Allen will be attending the Consortium for the Sciences of the Sociotechnical, iConference 2015, and the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Collaborative Work and Social Computing.

Wonchan Choi will be attending ALISE and iConference 2015.

Pamala Doffek will be serving as the Chair of the FLA Career Development Committee at FLA 2015, as well as the School of Information representative.

Nancy Everhart will be attending the Hawaii International Conference on Education.

Hengyi Fu will be presenting a poster at iConference 2015.

Melissa Gross will be attending the American Educational Research Association, International Federation for the Teaching of English/Conference on English Education Summer Conference, ALISE 2015 and International Literacy Association Conference.

Jonathan Hollister will be attending ALISE 2015, Modern Language Association Convention 2015 and iConference 2015.

Ji Hei Kang will attend ALISE 2015.

Michelle Kazmer will attend the Agatha Christie: Hidden Horizons Conference.

Don Latham will be attending Modern Language Association Convention 2015, ALISE 2015 and International Literacy Association Conference.

Jisue Lee will be attending iConference 2015 and ALISE 2015.

Lorraine Mon will attend ALISE 2015.

Min Sook Park will attend iConference 2015 and CHI Conference.

Julia Skinner will attend ALISE 2015.

Jennifer Wood will attend ALISE 2015 and IASL Regional Conference.