Get involved with the ACRL University Libraries Section Communications Committee!

As the incoming chair of the ACRL University Libraries Section (ULS) Communications Committee, Jody Bailey would like to take this opportunity to invite you to interact with our ULS communication portals:

ULS Facebook page

ULS Universe Blog

ULS Listserv

ULS on ALAConnect

ULS on ALA’s website


Our committee is always looking for interesting tidbits to post to our Facebook page, and we love guest bloggers! In the past, we have published posts about any topic of interest to university librarians or related to university libraries. If you are interested in contributing, please feel free to contact me or our blog editor, Megan Gaffney.


Don’t know what ULS is or what we do? Read on!

“Nearly 5,000 librarians from a wide variety of university libraries make up the University Libraries Section (ULS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries. ULS is one of three type-of-library sections of ACRL. Since its establishment in 1937, ULS has been actively involved in shaping the future of our library and university environments. ULS advances university librarianship, university library service, and the development of university libraries in institutions with graduate programs. In addition, ULS fosters cooperation both locally with university administrators and teaching faculty, and among colleges and universities on issues of mutual concern. ULS member benefits include opportunities to participate in discussions and programs on issues that transcend the boundaries of traditional library functions. We work together to understand and influence the new directions in our library and university environments. Another important member benefit includes the opportunity to participate in the development of standards and guidelines for various aspects of the staffing and operation of university libraries, such as the Standards for University Libraries and Guidelines for Branch Libraries.”