Internship for Florida ExpertNet


Cataloger, Indexer or Taxonomy Specialist

What you may be doing:

  • Tagging various content on the Florida ExpertNet website
  • Reviewing search results for quality control
  • Creating a term crosswalk between two taxonomies
  • Revising a taxonomy


  • Some experience with indexing content using a controlled taxonomy
  • Attention to detail

About Us:

The Center for Information Management and Educational Services (CIMES) is a multidisciplinary consulting and technical center providing innovative solutions to meet a wide range of needs.  Our products include KM and Web-based systems, clearinghouses, marketing, training, and multimedia products.  Many of our staff are alumni of School of Information. This is a paid OPS position.  This may be an internship for credit if desired.



CIMES offices are in the Sliger Bldg. at Innovation Park, near the Mag Lab.


Please send a brief description of your experience and interests to Amy Finley at